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Building Legacies with Global impact

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A message from the CEO (and Ali’s friend)

Assalamou Alaykum,

Going into the 5th year of MATWs operation, I feel very privileged to be writing this message as part of such an amazing and fruitful organisation. This is a special time in our organisations history as we move into what we hope to be the most prosperous year that is 2021.

We began our journey January 16, 2016 to which our dedicated team has spent the past 5 years continuing the legacy of my long-time friend and brother, the late Ali Banat (الله يرحمها). Our focus has been strengthening the brand that is MATW, which is identical with our commitment to help those in need through real projects with great impact.

As an organisation it is important to start the new year with goals. The goals for MATW moving into the new year are:

  • Maximising the impact of your donations through sustainable developments
  • Improving the experiences of our donors
  • Focus on communal involvement and engagement promoting change.
  • Building equality, equity, and every other thing we do at MATW that are inspired by our values of trustworthiness, efficiency, sustainability, influence, and faith.


To our ongoing supporters and MATW family we are humbled and thankful for your support over the years and we look forward to continuing working together in changing the lives of those who need us most!



Mahmoud Ismail

CEO MATW Project

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MATW (and why it's not just another charity)

We manage all projects ourselves from beginning to end. This means we are directly involved in project execution every step of the way without the involvement of third parties. We use in-house models which means no middle man is involved. If we can’t control it, we won’t do it.

1. We build legacies

2. We focus on
maximum impact

3. We are completely
social (media)

MATW is big on Social Media and has built its entire global audience on it.

Why Africa?

Africa is one of the top regions in the world that suffers the most from the global water crisis. In Africa, 45% of deaths in children under the age of 5 is caused by poor nutrition. In Africa, 650 people die every day (including children) from preventable diseases related to contaminated water.
MATW MATW Donation Heading

Our policy is a simple $ for $ policy. What we receive from donors for projects goes directly to the projects. No admin fees or hidden fees are added!

We have a generous network of sponsors that have kindly donated to our day to day admin costs, so you don’t have to.


We love to hear from individuals who are passionate about helping others and wish to support or volunteer on behalf of MATW.

To volunteer please fill out our application.

Don’t forget simply spreading our mission and sharing our story goes a long way too!

Alternatively, for all other collaboration inquiries please call our head office on +612 9758 9037 or email info@matwproject.org

At MATW we aim to have the lowest administration fees possible so that our beneficiaries receive 100% of your donations. We have been fortunate enough to run the organisation, since inception, with no administration fees. This is because of the financial commitment of our sponsors. These sponsors contribute to the running costs of MATW. We are grateful to them for their generosity and kindness.

If you would like to become a MATW sponsor and help with the running costs of our organisation please contact us on +612 9758 9037 or email info@matwproject.org.

At MATW our main aim is to be an open, accountable and transparent organisation. We strive to keep our donors informed through every stage of the projects we are working on through our social media channels as well as regular project updates on our website and our newsletters.

We value our supporters and work with them collaboratively by allowing them to select the projects they would like their donations to be allocated to.

MATW is a due diligence organisation and as a not-for-profit it is also bound by regulatory checks including mandatory audits conducted both externally and internally. These audits are conducted to ensure that MATW is abiding by its legal obligations at all times as well as ensuring that we are fulfilling our moral obligations to our donors.

Yes! MATW has established many amazing partnerships since establishment which are still ongoing today.  One mission of our founder Ali Banat was to create unity amongst like-minded organisations to further our positive impact on the world!

MATW is rapidly expanding and we are looking for new members who bring value and insight to our team. If you have a passion to help those in need while gaining rewardable and valuable work experience in the charity sector, we would like to hear from you.

For further information please call +612 9758 9037 or email recruit@matwproject.org

You can donate via:

  1. Our website using either Paypal or Bank Transfer (Please note you do not have to create a Paypal account to donate via this platform)
  2. Direct Bank Deposit –

Account Name: MATW International LTD
BSB: 112879
Account Number: 47879 1884
IBAN: 112879478791884
Bank Name: St. George Bank
Address: 4-16 Montgomery St, Kogarah NSW 2217

Ref: Project type (e.g. Orphan Housing, Sheep sacrifice…)

                Prefer a face to face engagement?


3. Visit our Greenacre office @ 53 Juno Parade, Greenacre NSW 2190 and one of our lovely staff members will assist

For further information or assistance please contact our office +612 9758 9037 or email info@matwproject.org

If you donate on our website you will see a donation success prompt when you have made a successful payment.

We will also send you a confirmation email to your nominated email address within 1-2 business days once the transaction has been completed successfully which will contain a copy of your donation receipt.

If you require further assistance please contact our head office +612 9758 9037 or email info@matwproject.org.

Our values at MATW are based on Islamic principles. These values extend throughout our operations and our CEO Shiekh Abu Bakr Zaoud.

All our projects in Africa are Zakat compliant. This includes the following projects:

  • Water wells
  • Sponsorships
  • Schooling and Education
  • Housing construction (Orphan and Widow)
  • Food distribution
  • Masjid Construction

However, our Rohingya Refugee village project is not Zakat compliant.

Zakat Al-mal can be donated via our website under the ‘Donate’ tab. There is a specific Zakat Al-mal category.

Sadaqa Jariyah is a form of continuous charity which will benefit an individual even after they have passed.


Aisha (ra) narrates:

“A man came to the Prophet (SAW) and said: “My mother died suddenly and she did not leave a will, but I think that if she could have spoken she would have given in charity. Will she have a reward if I give in charity on her behalf?” The prophet (saw) said “Yes”. [al-bukharri – 1388; Muslim – 1004]


Our view on Sadaqa Jariyah is simple, we take into consideration the longevity of the donation and also its continual benefits. For example, knowledge has a continuous cycle of rewards, when you give knowledge there are many beneficiaries as knowledge is endless and passed down from one to another. The following MATW Projects are of most benefit:

  1. Education Programs (such as schooling, Dawah men and distribution of the Quran);
  2. Construction of Water wells;
  3. Construction and maintenance of Masjids;
  4. Orphan Sponsorship;
  5. Widow Sponsorship; and
  6. Housing Construction and Sponsorship.

Fantastic! We are always thrilled to know people are fundraising for us!

Here are two ways to get started NOW!

  1. Create your own facebook fundraiser, you can choose MATW Project International as the given charity and even choose the project you wish to fundraise for, its that easy!
  2. Collect one of our shop money boxes or keep at home money tins from our Greenacre office. This is a great way for local businesses to give back and also get the whole family involved in fundraising!For all other fundraising opportunities please contact us so we can have a detailed chat about what you have in mind. This will help us to advise you and guide you with the next steps. Please give us a call on +612 9758 9037 or email info@matwproject.org to get in touch with us.


If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call us on +612 9758 9037.

Yes!  All your donations are 100% tax deductible with MATW.  We are also ACNC registered.

  • Nothing in the Donation List.
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