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The suffering of the Afganistan people was not less before the earthquake. Instead, it has made the condition of the people much worse than earlier. You can donate your zakat al Maal to stand with them.


MATW are heading into Afghanistan. never wastes time by seeing people suffer. We started to work the moment the deadly earthquake happened in Afganistan. We are satisfied that, with your Islamic charity, we were working earlier there too. Besides the people of Afganistan, we are also in operation for Pakistan. It is in our plan to provide fresh water, a family food pack, hygiene-maintaining items, and utensils to cook food. With your zakat al Fitr, we can provide food items for them. Thus we are responding to the suffering of helpless people every day with your generous participation. Our goal is to keep humanity winning over everything.

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10,000L Clean Water

We want to fulfill the goal of delivering 10,000L of Clean Water to the areas where people have an acute water shortage. So, we will build a water well there so they can get a continuous water supply whenever they want.


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Afganistan Large Family Food Pack

A large food pack for the whole family will serve them for almost a month in Afganistan. We will provide them with all the necessary food items according to their food habits. So the humanitarian crisis will be reduced.


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Essential Kitchen Utensils

MATW Project will provide kitchen utensils for the Afganistan people with your Sadaqah Jariyah. It is impossible to cook food if there are no kitchen utensils at all. So it will help them a lot to prepare food for their families.


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Hygiene Pack

It is essential to maintain hygiene to avoid diseases. With your zakat donation, we can help those distressed people lead healthy lives without diseases. Children are prone to diseases. Thus they will be protected from them, too.


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