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The earthquake in Syria and Türkiye has caused widespread devastation, leaving thousands dead and many more injured or homeless.

The aftermath of such a catastrophic event can be devastating, causing a ripple effect of loss, trauma, and struggle for those who survived. The people affected by this tragedy need our help now more than ever. Every donation counts and can help to restore the lives of those impacted by providing essential resources such as shelter, food, and medical care. Your generosity can help bring hope to a community in desperate need, and we implore you to give whatever you can to support those affected by this devastating disaster.

Your support will protect them and help them thrive. Donate Now

Ramadan Emergency

Survival kit that provide shelter, health essentials and food packs to the people of Turkiye who’ve lost everything they had

Struck again by tragedy, the people of Syria yet again scream for help. Donate whatever you can to provide a general survival kit to protect them against hunger and wilderness

As part of MATW’s ongoing efforts to support those devastated by the earthquake that struck Türkiye and Syria. MATW is providing caravans to families whose homes were destroyed in the wreckage. One caravan costs USD 4,045

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